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Why Blair’s SportsMaster Pro?
We are a leader in providing integrated wildlife management solutions that protects our natural resources and enhances sustainable sporting experience. We provide innovative products and services to ensure that our customers achieve their desired sporting goals. Our team of dedicated professionals will provide you with specific nutrition expertise to game farms or sportsmen alike. We have the unique ability to combine our personal passion and professional knowledge to be your best resource in the field.

What is Record Rack?
Record Rack is nutrition products specifically designed for Big Game animals. It is tried, tested and proven in North America’s farmed and natural environments. It is designed to attract Big Game while providing them with balanced nutrition to maximize their genetic potential and thrive in their environment.

What is BioLogic?
BioLogics are scientifically proven Big Game food plots. The forages are exclusively bred to provide precise nutrition to deer and elk plus be a natural attractant. These annual and perennial forages will provide a stand that will be harvested year after year by trophy animals in your area. The versatility of the forages plus the support and knowledge from our team make this food plot user friendly anywhere in Western Canada.

By offering two highly researched products plus our professional teams PASSION, KNOWLEDGE and EXPEREIENCE, Blair’s SportsMaster Pro will be the BEST resource for your MUCH DESERVED time in the field!

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